We offer a range of lubricating tools that are usable in various industrial, commercial and household works. These lubricating tools have metallic body, made of steel or brass. Our range contains Oil Can - Wesco Type, Oil Can - Perfetto Type, Grease Gun Lever Type, Grease Gun-Pistol Type, Oil Can - Pistol Type and many more. All our lubricating tools are obtainable in several technical specifications. These tools are durable in quality, corrosion resistant and are easy to use.
Oil Cans Perfetto Type
STL No. 801
Oil Cans Pint Type
STL No. 802
Grease Gun
STL No. 803
Grease Gun
STL No. 804
Grease Gun(Push type)
STL No. 805
Hand Operated Pump
STL No. 806
Rotary Barrel Pump
STL No. 807
Silicon Guns (Half Round Type)
STL No. 808
Silicon Gun (Skeletion Type)
STL No. 809
Spouts For Oil Cans
STL No. 810
Grease Gun Connecting
STL No. 811

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