Sidh Tools Limited (Garden Tools) is a professionally organized company established in 1988 and a leading Manufacturer and Exporter of Agricultural, Horticultural, Gardening and Forestry equipment and tools. With a view to provide best quality products we use superior quality materials and latest technology.
Big Trowel
STL No. 1101
Small Trowel
STL No. 1102
STL No. 1103
Garden Fork
STL No. 1104
Hand Weeder
STL No. 1105
STL No. 1106
Garden Pruner
STL No. 1107
Pruning Secateurs
STL No. 1108
Pruning Secateurs
STL No. 1109
Lopper - Telescopic
STL No. 1110
Hedge Shear
STL No. 1111
Hedge Shear with Plastic Handle
STL No. 1112
Kinnu Cutter
STL No. 1113
Hoe Fork with Handle
STL No. 1114
Square Mouth Shovel
STL No. 1115
Round Nose Shovel
STL No. 1116
Digging Spade
STL No. 1117
Bill Hook
STL No. 1118
Magic Pruning Saw
STL No. 1119
Adjustable Rake
STL No. 1120
Hand Auger
STL No. 1121

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