Manufactured using quality ranked raw material, these tools are fabricated in compliance with the industry ethics. We manufacture and export an inclusive range of woodworking tools and carpenter hand tools that include Jack Plane, Block Plane, Spoke Shave, Nail Puller, Wrecking Bar, Wood Working Vice, T-Bar Clamp, G-Clamp, Mini G-Clamp, Hand Drill and Breast Drill. Carpentry Tools are used by Carpenters or Wood Workers for complete carpentry solutions. All these tools are made with whole accuracy and attention to every feature to ensure quality, durability and performance.
Jack Plane
STL No. 901
Block Plane (Steel Blade)
STL No. 902
Block Plane (Cast Iron)
STL No. 903
Hand Drill Machine
STL No. 904
Breast Drill Machine
STL No. 905
Pipe Cutter
STL No. 906
Tube Cutter
STL No. 907
G-Clamp Drop Forged
STL No. 908
Mini C-Clamp Set
STL No. 909
Hacksaw Frame
STL No. 910
Junior Hacksaw(Plastic)
STL No. 911

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